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Special Interview Leandro, Pixelchain Artwork Co-founder By The Matthew And Rizzle Show19/05/2023

On ‘WWJD,’ you’ll find out WJWD if he was indicted on 34 counts, skilled a botched crucifixion, designed a video game, might turn water to vodka, is he cool with teleportation, what he would say to himself if he met himself, what he’ll do as soon as he realizes he is been duped and will never return, and what he would do if his holes have been crammed in. On ‘Ask God,’ you may uncover if Santa is sundowning, does Santa smell like reindeer farts, if Santa has a set of commandments, and if God fact-checks Bible swears. Santa and The Holy Spirit be part of God to kind an unholy trinity and speak in regards to the out-of-touch Republican zealots attempting to ban the Mifepristone abortion capsule, crooked Clarence Thomas taking luxury trip bribes, tragic Hansen tales, Jesus impressions, review Chat GPT ideas, and the Holy Spirit introduces her ASMR. On ‘Human News,’ Elon Musk’s rocket’s “fast unscheduled disassembly” evokes jokes and memes, the Sneetches Twitter analogy, Christians demand Tennessee Republican’s resignation, Lauren Boebert will get owned by drag queens, Disney spites DeSantis with an LGBTQ event at Disneyland, and the theocratic fascist gaystapo in Missouri. RO89 is all about what kind of filthy porn shit you can’t wait to get a grip of and it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s straight, gay, shemale, selfmade or skilled type of porn.

Twisted porn

The Goddamn how to join christianconnection com News consists of Christmas presents supply chain hypocrisy, apocalypse preppers, and something called ‘JesusWeen.’ Finally, God delivers your New Commandment of the Week. God, Psyche, Moses and Satan meet as quickly as once more for some group remedy. This week it’s “Walking on Sunshine” vs. “Kung Fu Fighting.” We strive to determine why the Denver Airport is so frigging Satanic. Later we discuss the development of humanoid robots, woodsy Christians, and Trump getting an ‘honorary’ ninth diploma black belt. Then we reply questions from humans, such as the dictionary meaning of Christmas.

The Simpsons’ five-time Emmy® award-winning producer, Josh Weinstein, stopped by The God Pod to debate his AMAZING career, our favourite episodes and quotes, how to sleep at work, and the importance of farting in entrance of the individuals you love with Me, Satan, Mary Magdalene, and Jesus. It’s the end of an period, people, so seize your headphones and hearken to your favourite imaginary associates whilst doing family chores or whilst stuck in site visitors, or floating down a lazy river in a kyak like baby Moses did. On this holy episode of the God Pod, God finds out if Mary Mags believes in him or not. She additionally brings the present of uncomfortable truths to assist humans grow; they focus on our new snow crab overlord’s alliance with elephants for world domination, the Incel Task Force, capitalism breeding loneliness, what it means to be an excellent particular person, the cuddle mafia, God’s TikTok fart algorithm, and God decides to get a free vasectomy. On ‘Ask God,’ you’ll discover out if the Holy Ghost haunts people, if the Trinity is just slime mould, if God is the most important meal of the day, what God thinks about milking nuts, how Jesus and Judas are doing in couples therapy, why God is so chill now, and the way it feels to have Jesus inside you.

Porndude’s ultimate words

On ‘JFC LOL,’ the gang talks the Jesus fast food regimen, porn IDs, and God’s evaluation of the lyrics of ‘Unholy’ by Sam Smith. Late breaking news on ‘The GD News,’ when David Miscavige is finally served within the human trafficking case, and God pays his respects to Jimmy Carter. On ‘Ask God,’ you’ll uncover if God would somewhat hunt or be hunted by a vengeful orangutan, did Jesus have youngsters, will militant leftist unicorns turn into a factor, what’s the take care of the book of Revelations, will God inform a bot its function in life, and why is God preserving Kissinger alive. On ‘TV Talk With Mary Mags,’ they speculate in regards to the hit movie ‘The VelociPastor,’ and run down a list of favorite exhibits. Mark Wahlberg’s brow ash cross and ChatGPT writing church sermons are featured on ‘JFC LOL.” And finally, on ‘The GD News,’ theocratic SATs, Ron DeSantis avoids talking about his corrupt past, and Tucker Carlson gets caught pushing election fraud B.S. I love the odor of a clean little pinky gap, and I cannot resist the urge to dig in with my tongue and maybe enjoy that mushy scent up and shut.

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On high of that, those that are sixteen years outdated and older are welcome on this server. Contrary to other relationship servers in Discord, you don’t have to be over 18 years old to affix Rezuse. Because of those capabilities, many people, particularly dad and mom, perceive this platform as a communication software for players solely. Something that many introverted individuals appreciate in phrases of Discord is the ease of discovering new friends and in some instances, love. Today we’ll be itemizing the most effective Discord courting servers of 2022 that you could join in hopes to seek out that particular somebody.

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God and Mary sing all of your favorite vacation songs and alter the phrases. Then we debate the songs ‘Mickey’ by Toni Basil vs. ‘I Want Candy’ by Bow Wow Wow. Later we talk about whether or not Nancy Reagan really is the ‘throat goat’ and an explosive powerpoint presentation. Jesus responds to Don Jr. criticizing “turning the opposite cheek.” Later we focus on selling farts, the Pope vs. pets, and the 1-year anniversary of the capitol attack. On Satan Today, we introduce the new dating recreation ‘Shoot Your Shot With Satan,’ the newest celeb gossip, and Ezra Miller’s fall from grace. Four rating and 7 minutes ago I introduced forth the latest episode of the God Pod with Satan, Psyche, and particular visitor Abraham Lincoln, who walks us via a less than correct historical tour, which features a 10-year egg shortage and his Lincoln Log Fortune.


Later on, God, Joseph Smith and Mary Magdalene focus on transphobic comedians and look to George Carlin for recommendation. Finally, God and friends talk about stale communion crackers and their impact on taxes. Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Me attempt to save the penguins’ lunch, focus on Oprah’s Monsters, human sacrifice and why Jesus poops himself when he will get too excited. Jesus and Mary Mags cease by the God Pod to mourn our Mega Millions loss and scratch our heads at a leaking Noah’s Ark museum.

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