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Tubbo Wikitubia Fandom03/06/2023

Tubbo yelled in protest, saying that he had visited but Tommy had been absent, and that he’d never received an invite to the get together in the first place. Neither of them knew that Dream had prevented Ghostbur from passing out the invitations. Tubbo set to work on the very subsequent day, instantly beginning reconstruction by purchasing three units of diamond instruments from his villagers at his outdated jungle base. Tubbo distributed the instruments to the gamers who needed them and commenced to tear down the annoying rubble, in addition to lastly eradicating the remaining decorations from his personal execution. He additionally constructed a new stage/podium that may be used for multiple functions; whether or not it be recreation, formal usage, or easy bulletins.

Before Dream may kill him, nonetheless, Punz, Quackity, Puffy, Nihachu, Sapnap, Jack, Ranboo, Callahan, HBomb, Ponk, Eret, Antfrost, Awesamdude, and BadBoyHalo got here through the nether portal and cornered Dream. Tommy and Tubbo were capable of run behind them, but once seeing that Dream was powerless, Tubbo watched as Tommy took Dream’s gadgets and killed him twice. He was then trapped in his own jail by Sam and Sapnap, and his armor – the Nightmare set – was given to Tubbo. On the day of the warfare, Tubbo logged on to discover a provide room sabotaged by Fundy, a significantly diminished military, and no concrete plans for defense. He was upset but not surprised, and shared one other tense second with Tommy at their bench by which they awkwardly reconciled and agreed to only do their best and hold one another secure, as each solely had one life left to lose.

The couple clearly loves one another, but followers didn’t understand why they have been in such a hurry to get married. So, after this, fans have been much more confused and needed to know what was occurring in the lives of two of their favourite YouTubers. After that, they grew to become associates and agreed on how to construct Snowchester collectively.

Tubbo early life

Tubbo, in reality, has no seen relationship ties with anyone, a minimal of, we all know of, or he may be good at dealing with it better than his peers in the industry. In case he has a girlfriend, it seems that he has no plans to reveal the id of her girlfriend to fans but.

Tubbo then traveled to Technoblade’s cabin and checked Techno’s chests. Presumably, he was suspicious of the chest containing gunpowder, because the chest was only half full. Tubbo appeared by way of Philza’s chests as well but only discovered building blocks. Tubbo then visited Ranboo’s house, looking for sand, but didn’t find any. Tubbo remained suspicious of Technoblade however, believing the wrongdoer should have stolen gunpowder from Techno’s cabin or borrowed the gunpowder from Techno themselves. Despite organising war chests, Tubbo selected to not do any preparations of his own, as an alternative greedily hoarding his stash of enough diamonds to equip everyone and eight Netherite ingots to himself.

Tubbo family

Dream arrived late to the pageant, nonetheless, laymatures and began rebuilding the partitions around L’Manberg. When asked why, he led everybody to the remains of the Community House, blaming the damages on Tommy. He demanded Mellohi from Tubbo, insisting that as lengthy as he had the disc, L’Manberg would be a thorn in his side. Afterwards, Tubbo regrouped with Tommy in his tunnel and the two of them returned to Pogtopia to search out Wilbur, Technoblade, and Niki, who had come back with Wilbur.


On the day of the exile, Tubbo was nonetheless unsure of his determination, torn between his morals and loyalty, and he looked to his cupboard for advice. They wanted nothing to do with the duty of the selection, although, and solely told him that it was his to make. Quackity and Fundy seemed to observe by way of, and anticipated Tubbo to agree. Outwardly, he acknowledged that it could work, and reluctantly accepted an apology from Tommy. Afterwards, he managed to persuade Schlatt, via much struggle, not to tear down the Camarvan, because it was one of the oldest monuments of the land.

After an extended pause, Tommy stated no. “You suck Tommy,” Tubbo exclaimed. In another stream, Tommy stated that his fans wanted him to kiss Tubbo. Tubbo and TommyInnit turned pals when Tommy raided Tubbo’s stream. At the time, they were both small Twitch streamers and have grown collectively on the platform.

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Though their relationship has had an advanced historical past, Tubbo is Tommy’s best pal and is usually considered Tommy’s sidekick. The two of them have been collectively since they first joined the SMP, and fought alongside one another all through the Disc Saga. For a long time, Tubbo possessed certainly one of Tommy’s most valued possessions, the music disc Mellohi.

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